Mini Siru (Skinner) | Genuine Handcrafted Nepalese Khukuri | 18+

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*Disclaimer: These Khukuris are all handmade in Nepal by craftsmen. They are not machine-made. Therefore, the materials, colours, grains, and finishes may differ slightly from the images shown. Blades, handles, and scabbards may have small blemishes or marks from the manufacturing process. These are not defects, they are part of the handmade finish.*

The Mini Siru is an 8.5-inch blade making it perfect for small tasks. This Khukuri will be useful for trekking, hiking, camping, and fishing, due to its small size and weight. 

The name originally originated from a leaf called "Siru" found in hilly regions of Nepal. The shape and size of the knife has been influenced by the fascination of farmers towards this leaf. The leaf itself is very sharp and can cut one finger if mishandled. It is much slimmer and lighter compared to other Khukris and yet very effective. It is designed for daily household purposes.

- High carbon tempered steel blade

- Water Buffalo leather scabbard.

- Indian Rosewood handle

- 1 Small Pen Knife

- 1 Small Sharpener

- Blade Length: 8.5 Inches

- Weight: 278 grams

- Origin: Nepal

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